As the science and technology of this world progresses beyond measures ever thought possible, fewer and fewer will find the need for God.  Society is beginning to move away from God and the ultimate gift He gave us.  We are becoming reliant upon ourselves, looking to God only to blame when something doesn’t quite go according to plan, or to demand shelter when tragedy strikes.  We as a people are pushing God out of our lives in favor of controlling the tiny speck of life that we call planet Earth.  As we begin to make this catastrophic plunge, many of us in the faith begin to question the existence or use of God.  Is society right?  Do we truly need God?  These are very real questions, questions we should not avoid but attack head on.  A strong faith is not strong without doubt.

I often feel as though the church today likes to push the negative out of our lives.  Although this idea may seem positive, it produces negative results.  Whether it be anger, sadness or doubt, many of us today are told to focus on the positive.  If we push the negative out long enough, it won’t be there anymore.  But how must we strengthen our faith without the negative?  When our faith is tested, we cannot ignore it.  Doubt is one of those tests.  Everyday I struggle with doubt.  Is what I’m doing on this earth amounting to anything?  Is there truly a God out there who not only created me, but loves me enough to give up His one and only Son?  These are the questions that mankind seeks to answer in His lifetime, but will perhaps never find an answer.  These are questions that cannot be squelched under optimism, but rather, they are questions that need to be looked at directly.  Our faith is like that of a flower.  The flower needs rain and thunderstorms to help it flourish, to give it the strength to rise to its fullest potential.  Just as such, we must walk through the storms in life before we can rise to our own potential.  So when faced with doubt, do not ignore it.  Accept it, as it is giving you the chance to delve even deeper into your ever-growing faith.  When facing such obstacles, never cease to realize that God is right there with you.  He is there, ready to give you strength and wisdom, even if you never reach a true understanding.  Never give up the faith as a result of not finding an answer.  Some things in life will never be answered, we simply cannot know everything, but that doesn’t mean we do not keep searching.  Remember that we have the greatest truth we could ever possess.  Christ’s death on the cross forgave us of our sins and gave us the chance to live a life with Him in freedom and love and mercy.  Let us never forget that.  Can I get an amen?

“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”  Psalm 27: 13-14